EDITORIAL: Paying tribute to an industry stalwart
Leo Powell
Leo Powell pays a personal and professional tribute to renowned photojournalist Ruth Rogers, and remembers John Corocoran
BREEDING INSIGHTS: Improving Tifosa set to step into the limelight
There is still lots of potential in the improving Tifosa, and Leo Powell takes a look at her pedigree
29 June 2018 Inside Racing
PARROT MOUTH: Racing under the spotlight
Click on or record Nationwide on Monday to see a variety of features on racing centred around the Dubai Duty Free Irish Derby
BREEDING INSIGHTS: Three decades of Bolger influence
Leo Powell hails the Group 1 success of Jim Bolger's Verbal Dexterity, and a female line he has enjoyed success with for three decades
15 September 2017 Pedigree analysis
Ervine's filly is best in Britain
Leo Powell looks at the family of Main Desire, a highly regarded two-year-old bred in Northern Ireland by Max Ervine