Horse & Farm management
HORSE SENSE: Euthanasia and slaughter of equines - a mistake to conflate the two
Irish Field Contributor
Dr Joe Collins MVB PhD explains how euthanasia and slaughter of equines are not the same and that sometimes euthanasia is the best option from a welfare point of view
16 July 2021 Veterinary
HORSE SENSE: Recognising and managing pain in horses
Dr Joe Collins MVB PhD looks at how humans can identify pain in horses and how this pain can be treated through the use of medicine and other means
21 May 2021 Veterinary
HORSE SENSE: Building resilience in horses and humans
Dr Joe Collins MVB PhD discusses the topic of resilience and explains what humans can do to promote resilience in equines
HORSE SENSE: 'The solution to pollution is dilution'
Dr Joe Collins MVB PhD explains the importance of ventilation to horses health
4 December 2020 Veterinary
HORSE SENSE: One Health, One Welfare – a perfect fit for horses and humans
One Health demonstrates that animal, human and environmental health are interlinked and rely on each other, Dr Joe Collins MVB PhD discusses how this relates to the horse-human bond
18 September 2020 Miscellaneous
150 YEARS: Capital performance as George presides
Leo Powell looks back at some stories from The Irish Field over the past century and a half
14 August 2020 Inside Racing
Covid-19 could create a ‘perfect storm’ for equine welfare
The Covid-19 pandemic could have a serious indirect effect on equine health and welfare, Dr Joe Collins MVB PhD writes
31 July 2020 Miscellaneous
GRASSLAND MANAGEMENT 2020: The bare necessities for horses at grass
Dr Joe Collins MVB outlines how best to manage and care for horses living out on grass safely
10 April 2020 Farm management
HOOF CARE FEATURE 2020: "No hoof, no horse"
Dr Joe Collins MVB outlines some diseases of the hoof and how best to treat and prevent them
3 April 2020 Hoofcare
AIR COLUMN: Launch of 2019 Laytown races
The public are invited to the launch of Laytown races on Tuesday, writes Leo Powell
16 August 2019 Inside Racing
TRACEY O'MEARA: The going is good for O'Meara
Ireland’s first female clerk of the course, Tracey O'Meara, talks to Claire Barry
8 February 2019 Inside Racing
How to approach the dull donkey was addressed by Joe Collins and Laurence O'Sullivan at the 18th Irish Equine Veterinary Conference
30 November 2018 Other disciplines