Sport horse
Keenan on course for eventing return
Margie McLoone
Injured multi-tasker has returned to her studies, is back driving and looking forward to the 2017 season
2 September 2016 Sport horse news
Keenan credits air jacket with saving her life
Veterinary surgeon and keen amateur event rider Kate Keenan suffered multiple fractures in a fall at Maddybenny
LATEST NEWS: Marco Kutscher remains in hospital
The German rider suffered a heavy fall during the Loro Piana Grand Prix at Piazza di Siena in Rome
Andrew Nicholson hospitalised due to neck injuries following fall
The New Zealand event rider and his Irish-bred horse fell on the cross-country course at Gatcombe
10 August 2015 Eventing
Eventing safety: The competition gap
In the final part of his four-part series, William Micklem looks at how equitation competitions could help improve riders' position for cross-country
29 May 2015 Eventing
Taking eventing seriously with Mike Etherington-Smith
The four-star cross-country course designer talks to William Micklem about courses that test rather than punish horses
29 May 2015 Eventing
10 steps to safer cross-country riding
William Micklem outlines 10 initiatives he believes would improve cross-country riding in Ireland and reduce the risk of fatalities in the sport
29 May 2015 Eventing
Eventing safety: Accidents waiting to happen
In part three of his four-part series, William Micklem explains how fifth leg training is essential for cross-country competition
22 May 2015 Eventing
Taking eventing seriously with Karen O’Connor
William Micklem spoke to Karen O'Connor about her training of young event horses
22 May 2015 Eventing
Eventing safety: 10 ways to develop your horse's 'fifth leg'
William Micklem outlines some training tips to help develop your horse's 'fifth leg'
22 May 2015 Eventing
Taking eventing seriously with William Fox-Pitt
Britain's William Fox-Pitt spoke to William Micklem about eventing safety
8 May 2015 Eventing
Horse falls and serious injuries in eventing
William Micklem looks at the type of fall and injury, as well as the fatality rate at events
8 May 2015 Eventing