Horse Care
How we speak matters to horses
Helen Sharp
New research shows that horses can distinguish between negative and positive sounds from their fellow species and near relatives, as well as from human speech.
11 December 2022 Farm management
HORSE SENSE: Horse owner's winter survival guide
Harsh winter conditions can make caring for horses very tricky, we outline some tips on managing your horses and staying safe in bad weather
2 September 2022 Stable management
The groom's-eye-view: Caring for Kilkenny
As the dust settles on the mighty Irish Aga Khan triumph, Horse Sense talks all things Kilkenny (ISH) to the woman who knows Cian O’Connor’s superstar mount the best, long-term groom Johanna Berg
Global response on equine ethics and wellbeing
First of its kind social license survey to be implemented by the new Equine Ethics and Wellbeing Commission
12 August 2022 Miscellaneous
New horse handling and behaviour course at CAFRE
As equine assisted activities become increasingly popular CAFRE is offering a useful course for those hoping to work in the sector
5 August 2022 Careers & education
Is it time to delete your social media apps?
With Millstreet and Dublin Shows just around the corner, performance coach Poppy Blandford shares her thoughts on social media and its influence on the competative mindset for riders
5 August 2022 Miscellaneous
HORSE SENSE: Top tips to protect your horse from extreme heat
As temperatures are set to soar across the country, we have some guidelines to help keep your horse happy and healthy in the heat
18 July 2022 Stable management
Horses in the hood
We see an array of hoods, visors and masks on tracks, at shows and at home, Horse Sense takes a closer look
8 July 2022 Training methods