Horse & Farm management
SALE PREP FEATURE 2021: Fit for the job: The importance of correct yearling prep
Irish Field Contributor
Dr Helen Sharp looks at yearling sales preparation and what it takes to get a young horse physically and mentally prepared for the sales ring
16 April 2021 Farm management
GRASSLAND 2021: Soil health: The foundation of good nutrition at Coolmore
Dr Helen Sharp talks to Grassland and Nutrition Specialist John Corbett of Coolmore Stud about why grassland analysis and healthy soil are the heroes of equine nutrition
26 March 2021 Hoofcare
HOOFCARE FEATURE 2021: To shoe or not to shoe?
Dr Helen Sharp discovers why the barefoot/shod debate is more a question of balance than simply one or the other
FOALING FEATURE 2021: The hands and eyes of experience
Dr Helen Sharp talks to foaling expert Barbara Hanna about observation, intuition and experience in the care of the foaling mare
12 February 2021 Breeding management
HUNTING FEATURE 2020: Kicking on with the Fermanagh Harriers
Fermanagh Harriers’ Master and Huntsman Patrick Murphy talks to Dr Helen Sharp about how the future is shaping up for the pack and the importance of respecting our local farmers
11 September 2020 Other disciplines
PROPERTY RESTORATION: In with the old – Why restoration is on the rise
With a recent upsurge for restoration projects Dr Helen Sharp talks to Hugh Wallace of Douglas Wallace Consultants about why Covid-19 has got the architects and restorers busier than ever
7 August 2020 Farm management
SALES PREP FEATURE 2020: Foal health as the foundation for sales success
Dr Helen Sharp talks to top thoroughbred breeder and consigner Juliet Minton to discover the careful stages of foal preparation at Mill House Stud
10 July 2020 Training methods
FOALING FEATURE 2020: A delicate journey: Embryo transfer to healthy foal
Helen Sharp visits Equine Reproduction Veterinary Surgeon Dr John Haughey MRCVS of Carrickview Stud to find out what is involved in getting a foal safely on the ground via embryo transfer
7 February 2020 Breeding management