HEALTH: Recognising the signs of depression
Leo Powell
Leo Powell writes that feeling down is very different from being depressed. Here he has some usual pointers to the symptoms and types of depression, in addition to some supports that may help.
22 July 2022 Racing features
HEALTH: Having problems with sleep?
Leo Powell has a numbber of suggestions to help get enough sleep, an important factor in good mental health
24 June 2022 Racing features
HEALTH: Walking meditation
With lovely weather at this time of year, Leo Powell has some tips for readers to make the best of the beautiful country we live in
HEALTH: Important findings in jockey survey
Leo Powell takes a look at some results of an Irish Jockeys’ Trust survey, and their recommendations
10 June 2022 Racing features
NEWS: IHRB doctor defends closure of saunas
"Reopening saunas at the racecourse would be advocating, facilitating and encouraging the use of something which we know to be unsafe."
11 March 2022 Racing News