Sport horse
HUNTING: Crossing ancient ground
Dickie Power
Dickie and Catherine Power enjoy a day's hunting with the Suir Vale Harriers at their meet from Holycross
9 December 2022 Other disciplines
HUNTING: Smashing hunting
Dickie and Catherine Power enjoyed a great day's hunting with the Golden Vale Foxhounds at Rahealty
25 November 2022 Other disciplines
HUNTING: History and hunting
Dickie and Catherine Power enjoy a day out with the historic Muskerry Hunt at their meet from Coachford, Co Cork
HUNTING: The thrill of the chase
Dickie and Catherine Power were thrilled to be back hunting with the Co Clare Hunt at their opening meet from Quin
4 November 2022 Other disciplines
HUNTING INSURANCE: Separating fact from fiction
Chairman of the Irish Masters of Foxhounds Association, Lord Waterford, clears the air on hunting insurance in a frank interview with Dickie Power
30 September 2022 Other disciplines
AROUND THE COUNTRY: Stage set for Limerick Show
The 93rd Limerick Show will be held on Sunday, August 28th and all are welcome
19 August 2022 Other disciplines
PONY TALES: A good hack for a great hack?
Dickie Power is searching for a suitable quiet reliable horse that is guaranteed a lovely home in the Golden Vale
3 June 2022 Pony Tales
HUNTING: Bowing out on a high note
Dickie and Catherine Power enjoyed their final day of the current season with the Co Clare Foxhounds at their scenic meet from Drumquin
25 March 2022 Other disciplines