HEALTH: Dealing with bereavement – start the healing process
Leo Powell
The fallout from a bereavement can cause problems, but Leo Powell has some advice on how to recognise the signs that warrant seeking help
2 September 2022 Racing features
HEALTH: How to deal with suicidal thoughts and feelings
Leo Powell address a difficult topic, that of suicidal thoughts and feelings, and urges everyone to be aware of the issue, signs to watch for, and ways to deal with it
19 August 2022 Racing features
HEALTH: Stress busters - how to deal with stress
Leo Powell has a few tips to help you address the issue of stress in your life
HEALTH: Recognising the signs of depression
Leo Powell writes that feeling down is very different from being depressed. Here he has some usual pointers to the symptoms and types of depression, in addition to some supports that may help.
5 August 2022 Racing features
HEALTH: Having problems with sleep?
Leo Powell has a numbber of suggestions to help get enough sleep, an important factor in good mental health
22 July 2022 Racing features
HEALTH: Solving loneliness starts with you
Leo Powell looks at the complex issue of loneliness and suggests a number of ways to tackle this debilitating problem
8 July 2022 Racing News
HEALTH: Walking meditation
With lovely weather at this time of year, Leo Powell has some tips for readers to make the best of the beautiful country we live in
24 June 2022 Racing features
EDITORIAL: Time to take Pride in Irish racing
Leo Powell issues a call for infleuential voices to speak out in support of inclusivity in racing and the workplace
10 June 2022 Editorial
HEALTH: Important findings in jockey survey
Leo Powell takes a look at some results of an Irish Jockeys’ Trust survey, and their recommendations
10 June 2022 Racing features
HEALTH: We need to talk about dementia
Leo Powell wites about dementia, its effects and says that we need to be aware of the needs of carers too
27 May 2022 Racing features
HEALTH: How can I manage loneliness?
Leo Powell has some practical suggestions to help you combat loneliness
13 May 2022 Racing features
HEALTH: Dealing with chronic fatigue
Take time to build relaxation into your schedule. Leo Powell has seven tips to help you
29 April 2022 Racing features