HEALTH: Bullying and abuse on social media
Leo Powell
Leo Powell has some practical information on what to do if you are feeling unsafe or threatened by content on social media
7 January 2022 Racing features
HEALTH: Physical solutions for your fatigue
Leo Powell has some practical advice to help you over come fatigue
10 December 2021 Sponsored
HEALTH: Getting fit has many benefits
With Christmas approaching, Leo Powell suggests some ways to start getting physically, and mentally, fit
HEALTH: Think of others during the festive period
Leo Powell has 12 hints to help make Christmas less stressful for you and your loved ones
26 November 2021 Racing features
HEALTH: 10 tips to make life better
Leo Powell previews World Mental Health Day next Sunday with some tips on how to improve our lives
1 October 2021 Inside Racing
HEALTH: Enhanced support for racing and breeding sectors
Leo Powell has details of the industry assistance programme (IAP) which is free to people working with horses
9 July 2021 Inside Racing
HEALTH: Make sleep a priority
Not only is poor sleep seen as a symptom of mental health difficulties, many people believe that not getting enough sleep can be the cause of mental health problems. Leo Powell has some advice
11 June 2021 Inside Racing
HEALTH: Domestic violence and abuse
Leo Powell looks at the issue of domestic abuse during the pandemic in Ireland
30 April 2021 Inside Racing
Rose Paterson: Missing for a great National moment
Leo Powell spoke this week with Owen Paterson about the death of his wife, Rose
16 April 2021 Inside Racing
HEALTH: It is possible to feel lonely among friends
Leo Powell says that loneliness takes many forms, and suggests some practical ways to overcome the feeling
2 April 2021 Inside Racing
HEALTH: Keeping fit while at home
Leo Powell outlines six ways to maintain physical fitness at home, remembering the maxim that a healthy body leads to a healthy mind
10 April 2020 Inside Racing
HEALTH: September is recovery month
Leo Powell hears about Recovery Month, and three inspiring stories of former addicts
6 September 2019 Inside Racing