ANY book that leaves its reader all the better for the experience is one to be treasured and Colin A Lewis’s publication Full Cry! is one not to be missed by any hunting and equestrian enthusiast. Lewis was originally the hunt correspondent for The Irish Field and enjoyed many a day hunting the countryside of Ireland with different packs, both north and south of the country.

Photographer (and lecturer) Eddie Buckmaster accompanied Lewis on many hunting adventures capturing the thrills and spills from the different hunt clubs and the book features over 70 illustrations by the photographer.

It also includes action shots from John Keulder and other talented photographers as well as sketches by Lucilla Jones.

Lewis delves into the history of hunting and reviews some of the literature, art and poetry associated with hunting, especially in Ireland.

With vast images of historical hunting maps and tales from the hunting country from the Duhallow Foxhounds to East Down Harriers, a covert is not left unmentioned. The book is £12.95 plus postage and packaging or can be purchased on