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Placing bets online: how to find the best horse
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Placing bets online: how to find the best horse
on 19 August 2021
If you follow all these suggestions, you’ll have a better chance of selecting winners

There are thousands of horses in training, which can certainly make it difficult for you to select the right horse to bet on in races.

And while there is no way to find the guaranteed winning horse, a bit of research and educated decision-making can point you in the right direction.

Research Your Horse

Like with all other sports betting, one of the best things you can do when it comes to placing a bet is research. Before you place a horse racing bet, it’s a good idea to research each runner's past performances and connections.

Race Types and Horse Performance

In racing, there are flat races and jump races. Flat races are a test of stamina and speed and require horses to race over a specified distance with no obstacles.

There are four main types of flat races: maiden races, handicaps, stakes races and the classics.

Jumps races, meanwhile, are races where the horses must jump over either hurdles or fences.

These races test a horse’s stamina and jumping ability, with the horses being older than those usually used in flat races, according to the betting experts at

It’s important to understand that each horse will be suited to a different type of race, so it’s always important to find out what type of race you’re betting on and the distance of each race too.

It’s also a good idea to try and find out what kind of obstacles will be used, what the ground conditions are and if the weather is likely to change. All these factors can affect a horse’s performance.

Alongside this, you’ll need to research a horse’s past races to see how they have fared when racing over different distances, tracks and on different ground conditions.

Breeding information

In addition to researching a horse’s performance, it’s important to take note of the horse’s pedigree, meaning their family tree. Taking a look at a horse’s family tree will give you a better understanding of how a horse will perform or what their preferences may be.

Either through research or experience, you can learn if the progeny of certain stallions perform better at sprint distances or longer races. It's also a good sign if the horse's mother (dam) has produced foals which have won races in the past.

The Parade Ring/Paddock

If you are present at the racecourse it’s a good idea to watch a horse in the preliminarie to get a general understanding of a horse’s wellbeing.

Take note of how a horse looks; if it appears agitated or unwell, it’s likely that the horse will not perform as well as it usually would. Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible to do when playing online, though most betting companies do facilitate live viewing of the races.

Don’t Forget The Jockey

Finally, you’re going to want to research the jockey riding the horse, as they play a huge role in the outcome.

Has your jockey ridden this horse before? Has the jockey a good strike-rate?

Picking The Best Horse

If you follow all these suggestions, you’ll have a better chance of selecting the winner. Remember to take your time and do as much research as possible into the horse, the race, the jockey, and everything else we’ve mentioned. Doing so can be the difference between winning and losing your money.

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