THE price of horse feed could rise significantly due to the war in Ukraine.

Both Russia and Ukraine are key players in global grain trade, so any disruption in production and freight into or out of the Black Sea could have consequences on ingredient availability.

Russia accounts for roughly 20% of global wheat exports and Ukraine 8%, plus 13% of corn exports. Combined, they account for 60% of sunflower production and are key sunflower oil exporters.

An animal feeds expert told The Irish Field: “This is a very big concern. Ireland does not grow enough cereals so we have to import. If we can’t get wheat, what will replace it? The price of maize has gone from €230 per tonne a year ago to €350 now. Soya has almost doubled in price. These are two big sources of protein used in animal feed.


“There will be huge knock-on effects for us from the conflict in Ukraine, which we can only speculate about at the moment. As companies and countries cease trading with Russia, demand for alternative supplies will shoot up.

“South America is an alternative source but we’re hearing that the harvest there has been poorer than expected due to weather conditions. This will drive prices higher still and we are already in a runaway inflationary scenario.”