(November 30th-December 5th)

CSI3*: Richard Howley with Arlo De Blondel, Fame, Victor; Niall Talbot with Corvette Van Overis Z, FTS Elliot, Billy Twomey with Chat Botte E.D.

CSIYH1*: Niall Talbot with Kerel H, Madges Lane Emma (ISH); Billy Twomey with Chef of Flanders Fields Z.

CSI1*: Richard Howley with Messento.


Thermal CA,

(December 1st-5th)

CSI5*-MLSJ: Robert Blanchette with Chardonnay; Andrew Bournes with Darquito, Sea Topblue (ISH); Jordan Coyle with Ariso, Picador; Nicky Galligan with Castelissimo, Javas Miss Jordan (ISH); Mark Kinsella with Berly D’Argent; Paul O’Shea with Chancelloress, Hellcat; Conor Swail with Count Me In, Theo 160.

CSI2*: Robert Blanchette with Coupis; Jordan Coyle with Boston Ask; Paul O’Shea with Imerald Van’t Voorhof, Sexy Beast.

Wellington FL

(December 1st -5th)

CSI4*: David Blake with Keoki; Jonathan Corrigan with Fair Play; Brian Cournane with Armik; Julian Cournane with Castlefield Dream, Fiestamunde; Darragh Kerins with Intuitive (ISH); Simon McCarthy with Don’t Touch Du Bois, Gotcha; David O’Brien with EL Balou OLD; Shane Sweetnam with Alejandro, Caraghs Quality Lady (ISH), Karlin Van’t Vennehof.



(December 1st-5th)

CSI4*: Denis Lynch with Cornets Iberio, Rubens LS La Silla, Visa Z; Mark McAuley with Django Ste Hermelle, GRS Lady Amaro (ISH), O’Hara ELS.

CSI2*: Mark McAuley with Castlefield (ISH), Danslevent De Carles, Esmeralda De Hus Z.

CSI1*: Sarah Lynch with Bentley De Castel



(December 2nd-5th)

CSI1*: Damien Doyle with Get Loose (ISH); Tori Dunn with Sumas Taloubet; Sven Joseph Hadley with Garryduff Jar of Hearts (ISH); Thomas O’Brien with Villefort; Kevin Thornton with I’m the Special One Z.

CSI2*: Bertram Allen with Calisto Blanc, Cher Cheval, Empoli De Champlouem, Pacino Amiro (ISH); Harry Allen with Carlo 454, Crossbar Melloni, Dancing Queen Z, Mikias VD Bisschop; Damien Doyle with Great Thing, Noella Of The Lowlands Z; Sven Joseph Hadley with Topspin, Uidam (ISH); Thomas O’Brien with Ariege, Montreal Van De Kleinheide, Poonam SD; Kevin Thornton with Texas KDW Z.

CSIYH1* Incl. 8yo: Bertram Allen with Calculatus; Harry Allen with Greta Evita, Kurkuma Della Caccia; Tori Dunn with Z Seven Amour (ISH); Sven Joseph Hadley with HSH Harper Du Seigneur (ISH); Thomas O’Brien with Coloui (ISH), Ziltino; Kevin Thornton with Champions League.



(December 2nd-5th)

CSI2*: Sophie Dalm with Guilietta, Gutascha, Volnay De Choc Z; Michael Duffy with Cadeau W Z, Jeff Ten Halven, Zilton SL Z; Michael G Duffy with Chappo Chey, Clitschko 17; Eoin McMahon with Borneo De L’Abbaye, Chuck Chai, Kir Royal 104, Nabab’s Altanto; Thomas Ryan with Insider VDL, Kendrick, Springfield 21; Abbie Sweetnam with Brown Star Z, Pinali Van Den Dael.

CSIYH1*: Kellie Allen with Faery Queen; Sophie Dalm with Kiri Royal; Michael G Duffy with Kristalic; Eoin McMahon with Funky De L’Abbaye, Montiego Bay.