(February 7th – 13th)

CSI2*: Jenny Rankin with Carmela Z, Flower, Lajgaardens Cannavaro; Niall Talbot with FTS Elliot, Mamzelle VH Marienshof, Nolan Van’t Rietveld.

CSI1*: Ella Clancy with Corraghhoe Steel (ISH), Shooting Star; Alana Ewing with Lucy Seventeen (ISH); Niall Talbot with Madges Lane Emma (ISH).

CSIYH1*: Jenny Rankin with Creevyquinn Poseur, Kainville VDS.

Vejer de la Frontera

(February 7th – 13th)

CSI1*: Kellie Allen with Quel Filou 16; Oisin Aylward with WKD Gazella (ISH); Alexander Butler with Ecerma B Z; Lauren Devine with Cassandra VL Z, Vega O’Moulin; Gabrielle Enright with Bentley, Billy Bilboa; Laura Heaney with Poshes Legacy (ISH); Barry Horan with Contendro’s Quest; Seamus Hughes Kennedy with Castlefield Kamira, ESI Jet Set (ISH); Sean Monaghan with A.N. Cassius; Joanne Sloan Allen with Amigo Cascada M, Wicked Hope, WKD Spice (ISH).

CSI4*: Harry Allen with Calculatus, Crossbar Melloni, Dancing Queen Z, Empoli De Champloue, Greta Evita, Kurkuma Della Caccia; Paul Beecher with Caruso 568, Glamstone, SVS Sensation (ISH); Jessica Burke with Ashdale Divine, Inpulss, Namamia, Nikey HH; Alexander Butler with Chilli B, Cindy Z, Conquida De Revel PS, Dubai Van Het Beeckhof Z, Eindhoven G.H, HH Bresil De Riverland, Pico; Anthony Condon with Ajaccienne, Billy Bakewell, Creevyquinn Pearl (ISH), SFS Mirage, SFS Vincomte, Zira VH Kapelhof Z; Lauren Devine with Baby Boom O’Moulin; Michael Duffy with Cadeau W Z; Alex Finney with Absolutely Hero Kingmar Z, Duco; Jason Foley with Clyde VA, Cnoc Rua Chinook (ISH), Keatingstown Z Wellie Two (ISH), Madorada DW; Eoin Gallagher with Caliber Royale, Fantastico B, Over Lux (ISH); Jonathon Gordon with Capri, Conchita, Hachi, Olympic Quality; Cameron Hanley with Arena UK Winston, ESI Toulouse (ISH); Richard Howley with Consulent De Prelent Z, Fame, Highcross Violet, Victor; Seamus Hughes Kennedy with Castlefield Hera (ISH), Coco Blue, Cuffesgrange Cavadora (ISH); Dermot Lennon with Anthem In My Heart (ISH), Athletix Hero Z, L’Esprit Hero Z, Millview Cicero (ISH); Daniel Mc Alinden with AHG Whiterock Doctor Cruise (ISH), Ultimate Cooley (ISH); Peter Moloney with Budgie, Chained Django, Clever Boy Jun, Django De Paulanne, Pepper D’or; Sean Monaghan with EMS Adelaide (ISH), Memphis V/D Vaart; Adam Morgan with Ikannan V G, N-Pezi, Rockwell RC (ISH), Warriors Glory; Ciaran Nallon with Dolce Vita Des Ouches, Mc Flurry 10; Sophie Slattery with Valentine Du Bois Pinchet; Jeremy Sweetnam with Brown Star Z, Chocharito 8, Kandrovaro PS, Otina Van HD.

CSIYH1*: Harry Allen with Corazon Z, Diva Della Caccia; Kellie Allen with Capitano Hero HG Z, Faery Queen, Kindly, Tarnado W 4; Paul Beecher with Brogagh Darcy (ISH), CBI Loughnatousa Khaleesi (ISH), Danio VB Z, Marley Starfield Brighteye (ISH); Killian Browne with Air Brush Z, Chanel Overcinge’s Z, Karlson; Jessica Burke with Billy Utah; Alexander Butler with Pella Horta; Anthony Condon with Bellevue Celestial, SFS Houdini, Wild Star HF; James Connors Smyth with Gloria Du Bary, Know Me F, Trust Pommex Z; James Derham with Skyfall OS; Lauren Devine with Gospelle Du Petit Val; Alex Finney with MHS Style (ISH); Jason Foley with Balia Silvia, Calvador Z, Castlefield Kingston, Far West De Hus, Key West Sitte; Jonathon Gordon with CBI Karhari; Seamus Hughes Kennedy with ESI Ali (ISH); Harold Megahey with Djoko Z, Kalippo Van De Wolfsakker; Peter Moloney with Dallco Chance, Pepper Vincent, PK Khaleesim; Sean Monaghan with Cornet Clover Girl (ISH), Domino Van Het Gehucht Z, Jannnik PS; Adam Morgan with Chacera, Chedington Azzurra, Chedington Tallulah, Chepetto VH Bergerhof; Ciaran Nallon with Big Blue 3, Qinn C, Showoff AF Z; Sofie Slattery with Lionel Messi B, Lumina De Villa D’Arto; Jeremy Sweetnam with Casapettit PS, Chuflay, Clarima W, Come to Me.


(February 10th – 13th)

CSI1*: Nicolas Canavan with Clover Falcon (ISH); Tori Dunn with Sumas Taloubet (ISH); Sven Joseph Hadley with Phenomene Bleu VDM.

CSI2*: Sven Joseph Hadley with Garryduff Jar Of Hearts (ISH), Topspin, Uidam (ISH).

CSIYH1*: Tori Dunn with Z Seven Amour (ISH); Sven Joseph Hadley with HSH Harper Du Seigneur (ISH), Manorview Lady Jane 17 (ISH).



(February 7th – 13th)

CSI3*: Gerard Cambell with Coldplay I; Melanie Davidson with Linze Z, Odessa; Edward Doyle Jnr with Billy Cavatina, Billy Houston, Guru, Quick Bill (ISH); Susan Ftzpatrick with CSF Keatingstown Blue Lagoon (ISH), Keatingstown Skorphults Joker, Miss Paris, Verdict De Kezeg; Marta Hughes Bravo with HHS Figero (ISH), Miss Belgium 111; Darragh Magner with How’s My Name, J Grupo Prom Peter Pan, Finn O’Hara with Miss Chagalle; Michael Pender with Dior Z, HHS Calais (ISH), HHS Fast Forward (ISH), HHS Fortune (ISH), HHS Javas Gucci (ISH), HHS Los Angeles (ISH), Nando Quality.

CSI1*: Kirsti Connole with Monbeg Rising (ISH); Jessica Davidson with Jaque Mate, MHS Nadal (ISH); Susan Fitzpatrick with Chilena Blue; Isabel O’Brien with Zazu Van Terhofstede.

CSIYH1*: Melanie Davidson with ABC Cortana Cruise (ISH), Gypsy Prince (ISH); Susan Fitzpatrick with Gallardo Z, Keatingstown Mister Cool, Keatingstown Shadowfax.


Wellington, Florida

(February 8th – 13th)

CSI5*: Bertram Allen with Pacino Amiro (ISH); David Blake with Keoki; Andrew Bournes with Darquito, Sea Topblue (ISH); Daniel Coyle with Imar, Legacy, Oak Grove’s Carlyle; Jordan Coyle with Ariso, Ballyoskill Big Bucks (ISH), Boston Ask; Mark McAuley with Jasco VD Bisschop; Eoin McMahon with Chacon 2; Cian O’Connor with Cathalina S, Cerruti Van Ter Hulst Z; Paul O’Shea with Imerald Van’t Voorhof, Sexy Beast; Conor Swail with Count Me In, Gamble; Shane Sweetnam with Alejandro, Holliewood, Mecho Van’t Kiezelhof.

CSI2*: Julian Cournane with Fiestamunde; Francis Derwin with Scarlett Du Sart Z; Lorcan Gallagher with Ariana; Gavin Harley with Kavalli Di Magico; Michael Hutchinson with Haval H; Darragh Kerins with Carlos JD Z; Richie Moloney with Carnlea Premier (ISH), Coco Beach; Stephen Moore with Albert K; Conor O’Regan with Big Boy Z, Carmen De Bonnieres; Max Wachman with Ikaros, Quintini.



(February 9th - 12th)

CSI2*: Conor Drain with Dialetto PS, Imagine, Louis Vuitton VD Wouwerse Veld; Michael G Duffy with Borelli T, Clitschko 17; Shane Dwan with Corny 8, Hickstead White; Matt Garrigan with HHS Seattle (ISH), Holland V.D Valckenborg, Quantum Robin V; Diarmuid Howley with BE Aperle VA, Urient; Denis Lynch with Brocklyn Heights Jorden Van De Kruishoeve, Cristello, GC Chopin’s Bushi, Jack O’Donohue with Que Beau.

CSIYH1*: Conor Drain with Clementine; Michael G Duffy with Kristalic, Quick Chick 3; Jack O’Donohue with Cavallo PB Z, Quila Von Kuekenmoor.

CSI1*: Conor Drain with Covehill Archie (ISH); Michael G Duffy with Castlefield Rubinus, DPS Revere; Shane Dwan with Coupe Gold, Havalla; Matt Garrigan with Savarona, Matty Holohan with Jicky P; Diarmuid Howley with Camant VA, Clover VA; Denis Lynch with Dark Chocolate 48, Ete De La Mure; Jack O’Donohue with Bayado 3.



(February 9th - 12th)

CSI2*: Paul Kennedy with Cartown Danger Mouse (ISH).



(February 10th - 13th)

CSI2*: Damien Doyle with Get Loose (ISH), Nasty Boy V/H Russeltveld.



(February 10th - 13th)

CSI5*-W: Shane Breen with Lady Star Van Dorperheide, Vistogrand; Trevor Breen with Germaine W, Highland President; Jack Ryan with BBS McGregor (ISH); David Simpson with Foudre F.

CSI2*: Shane Breen with Z7 Regal Don; Trevor Breen with Toyger; Jack Ryan with Jule Van Den Tinnenpot.


San Giovanni in Marignano

(February 10th – 13th)

CSI2*: Patrick Hickey with Cascadello’s Boy, Classico 73, Hertoch Van T Prinsenveld, Priamus Blue.

CSIYH1*: Patrick Hickey with Citus 8, Lavina Colada.