1985 - Paddy Quirke’s Golden Sunset, by Well Read (TB) and Diamond Lad (ID) filly foal.

1986 - Dr Mervyn, Laurence Patterson’s Panarose Two, by Wilton House (TB) and Drumnaconnell West, filly foal by I’m A Star (TB).

1987 - Paddy Quirke’s Golden Sunset and Golden Future, colt foal by Diamonds Are Trumps (ID).

1988 - Pamela Miller’s Virginia Wolfa, by Regular Guy (TB) and Clonterm Airtime, colt foal by Diamond Lad (TB).

1989 - Violet Scott’s Ballysheil Queen, by Clover Hill (ID) and colt foal by Standard Bearer (TB).

1990 - Patrick Wafer’s Parkmore Jewel (ID) by Atlantic Boy and Parkmore Chance, filly foal by Kildalton Gold (ID).

1991 - Ronald D. McCombe’s Springfield Lady Nell, by Wilton House (TB) and colt foal by Santa’s Sleigh (TB).

1992 - Lorcan Allen’s Courtown Web, by Weavers Web (TB) and Courtown Drift, filly foal by Jacksons Drift (TB).

1993 - Ronald D. McCombe’s Springfield Lady Nell and colt foal by Satco (TB).

1994 - Pamela McCombe’s Springfield Lady Nell and colt foal by Santas Sleigh (TB).

1995 - J.J Hurst & Son’s My Irish Bride VII, by Chou Chin Chow (TB) and colt foal by Euphemism (TB).

1996 - John & Sharon Alexander’s The Blue Lady (ID) by Blue Rajah (ID) and Ardattin Blue Kate, filly foal by Valville (TB).

1997 - J.J Hurst’s My Irish Bride VII and colt foal by Euphemism (TB).

1998 - Derry Rothwell’s Greenhall Cailin Deas, by Mister Lord (TB) and Millennium Cruise, filly foal by Cruising (ISH) [TIH] an.

1999 - J.J Hurst’s My Golden Bonnie, by Euphemism and Gold Member, colt foal by Golden Cliff (TB).

2000 - Michael J. McCarthy M.R.C.V.S’s Levacide, by Edmund Burke (TB) and Kilnagross Twinkle, filly foal by Big Sink Hope (TB).

2001 - Callinafercy House Stud’s Callinafercy April (TB), by Strong Statement (TB) and Callinafercy Andros, colt foal by Glenlara (ID).

2002 - Hurst Show Horses’ April Dawn, by Ireland’s Pride (ID) and Tattygare Austintatious, colt foal by Limerick (HOLST).

2003 - Mark English’s Dimmer Light, by Paris Lights (SF) and Kiltrom Dimmer Zed, filly foal by Ricardo Z (ZANG).

2004 - Hurst Show Horses’ Tattygare Golden Moments, by Euphemism (TB) and Tattygare Look At Me, filly foal by Porsch (BWP).

2005 - Jim Tempany M.R.C.V.S’s Leader Star, by I’m A Star (TB) and Tireragh Eternal Optimist, filly foal by Big Sink Hope (TB).

2006 - Dessie Gibson’s Hillsides Amazing Grace, by Big Sink Hope (TB) and Spin Doctor, colt foal by Top Of the World (TB).

2007 - Margaret Jeffares’ Debbie’s Clover, by Farney Clover (ISH) [TIH] and Ballykelly Mac Master, by Master Imp (TB).

2008 - John & Cathal Dinneen’s Kilshinihan Lass, by Big Sink Hope (TB) and colt foal by Ghareeb (TB).

2009 - Kieran O’Gorman’s Kildysert Royale, by Cavalier Royale (HOLST) and Brookfield Miss Lux, filly foal by Lux Z (HANN).

2010 - Kieran O’Gorman’s Kildysert Royale and colt foal by Lux Z (HANN).

2011 - Derry Rothwell’s Millenium Cruise, by Cruising (ISH) [TIH] and Carsonstown Calypso, colt foal by Mermus R (KWPN).

2012 - Derry Rothwell’s Greenhall Dot, by Cruising (ISH) [TIH] and Greenhall Vivendi Cruz, filly foal by Ars Vivendi (HOLST).

2013 - Rosemary Connors’s Woodfield Valier, by Lucky Valier (ISH) and Woodfield Xtra, colt foal by Financial Reward (TB).

2014 - John & Mary Margaret Roche’s Assagart My Only Hope, by Big Sink Hope (TB) and Assagart Lord Lancer, by Castleforbes Lord Lancer (HOLST).

2015 - Dermot O’Sullivan’s Aidensfield Flamenco, by Je T’Aime Flamenco (BWP) and Quality Rosshill, colt foal by O.B.O.S Quality (OLD).

2016 - Paula Howard’s Slatequarry Sasha, by Ghareeb (TB) and colt foal by Greenan Fort (TB).

2017 - John and Mary Margaret Roche’s Assagart My Only Hope and Assagart Lord Lancer, colt foal by Castleforbes Lord Lancer.

2018 - Michael Egan and Danielle Cusack’s Hallowberry Destiny, by Ramiro B (BWP) and MD Sandyhill Sir Charles, colt foal by Clonaslee Captain Cristo (ISH) [TIH).

2019 - Patrick Wafer’s Parkmore Evita, by Ghareeb - Parkmore Sunrise, by Coolcorran Cool Diamond and colt foal by Tyson (KWPN).