Flanders Embryo Auction, August 19th

DON’T miss out on the chance to become the breeder of your next star purchase at the upcoming Flanders Embryo Auction which is offering exclusively bred embryos from some of the world’s most elite sport horse bloodlines in what is only the second auction of its kind ever hosted in Ireland.

Designed specifically to cater for the many international buyers flocking to Dublin for the Dublin Horse Show (August 17th-21st), Flanders Embryo Auction will take place again at Dublin’s InterContinental Hotel, Ballsbridge, on August 19th 2022, starting at 7pm, and one thing is certain, there is going to be huge interest in the room and online next week to purchase lots in what is a glittering catalogue of elite sport horse bloodlines.

First held in Dublin in 2019 when 20 embryos were auctioned in a very successful evening, this year’s event is again organised by Flanders in co-operation with Tinahely breeder, Ronan Rothwell of Boleybawn Horses.

That first embryo auction of Flanders Foal Auction in Dublin in 2019 set a new record with an average price of €20,000. Of the 20 show jumping foals due to be born out of excellent dam lines, 19 were sold that evening with Irish investors snapping up nine of them.

After hosting very successful embryo auctions in Sharjah, UAE (5), Ocala, USA (1), Belgium (3), Norway (2), the Flanders auction team of Luk Van Puymbroek and Gerald Lenaerts of Overis Stud Farm extended the initiative to Dublin (2). As only horses born in Ireland are allowed compete in the national finals, Luk and Gerald decided to auction embryos in Dublin with the surrogate mares foaling down in Ireland. This automatically makes the buyer the breeder and ensures eligibility for the lucrative classes held on Irish soil.

ISH eligibility for Irish classes

An outstanding collection of embryos has been brought together for next week’s auction (see Lot collection on page 11) and prospective buyers should note that immediately after their foal’s birth in Ireland, their foals can be registered with ISH and are entitled to start as youngsters in the ‘Young Horses classes’ in Dublin, the ‘ISH classes’ and the lucrative ‘Breeder Classic classes’ which offers the world’s richest young horse classes.

Flanders pays for the transport of the recipient mares to Ireland, the collection point is Ronan Rothwell’s Wicklow stud farm. The resulting foals will be born between February and June 2023. Flanders will also help arrange group transport for the mares back to the owners, thereby minimising return transport costs for clients.

Foaling and rearing can also be handled by Luk Van Puymbroeck in Belgium.

Immediately after the auction, the embryo can be fully insured right up to 120 days of foalhood, thereby eliminating risk.

Excellent investment prospect

Prospective buyers are also availing of the opportunity to buy into a top performance family at a much more affordable price than if trying to compete for these top foals on the ground where they could be easily priced out of the market.

Flanders Auction’s Luk Van Puymbroeck and breeder Gerald Lenaerts from Overis Stud Farm are eagerly looking forward to the upcoming Dublin embryo auction. Lenaerts said: “I have been a loyal visitor of the Royal Dublin Horse Show for many years. It is a fantastic show, comparable to Aachen. All horse-loving Ireland is always looking forward to the event. Riders with young horses are preparing for it all year and hope to reach the finals. I love to come here, the Irish are absolute horse people. We feel honoured to be allowed to hold an auction here.”

Top genetics

Ennisnag Stud’s Andrew Hughes, who purchased an embryo in 2019 in Dublin, will be back again bidding for more top embryos next week. Andrew Hughes said: “I purchased a foal in Holland from Flanders who is now an approved stallion, a lovely horse, and in 2019, I purchased a Cornet Obolensky embryo from Flanders Embryo Auction in Dublin, who is now a two-year-old. I have found Flanders Auctions to be very upfront and honest to deal with. They are bringing the best-bred horses in the world to our doorstep in Dublin and giving Irish breeders the chance to improve their stock. We have made great strides in our breeding in the last 15 years, and this is a wonderful chance to get into the best families in the world. You can’t see the physical element obviously but you can see the top breeding and genetics.

“I will be attending the auction next week and bringing some clients with me who are interested in the quality of this exceptional catalogue. It’s the best catalogue ever and the fact that this auction will be held in Ireland is an indictment of us as a nation of breeders as well. The future is bright and Irish people have the Flanders Embryo Auction on their doorstep. It’s not going to be easy to get them on the night, such is this catalogue, there’s going to be very competitive bidding,” predicted Hughes.

Rio Olympian, Tipperary international rider and breeder, Greg Broderick commented: “I have been buying foals and embryos through Flanders for many years and they always try to have the best and most proven bloodlines in Europe. I have been very lucky so far with the progeny I have invested in through that sales company and I am looking forward to their catalogue at Dublin this year.”

Gerry Burke of Glenview Stud added: “I have bought both foals and embryos from Flanders and I have to say that Gerald Lenaerts and his team at Flanders Auctions are people of the highest calibre to deal with. They are professional horse people, absolutely excellent to deal with. I plan to be at next week’s Flanders Embryo Auction in Dublin.”

Major benefits

Tinahely sport horse breeder Ronan Rothwell explained, “One of the key factors makings Flanders unique from other sales is that the use of the recipient mare is included in the sale price and also the transport to my stable in Ireland is covered by the seller (Flanders). Another unique selling point is that there is also the option for the embryo to be insured right up to a 121-day-old foal.

“The results from the precious auction in 2019 at Dublin saw happy clients and the population of well-bred animals in Ireland is sharply on the rise. Flanders is a big contributor to that. The quality of the embryos is so high that, in most cases, it is unlikely you would have the chance to buy that type of genetics at a foal auction. The availability of what’s in the 2022 catalogue is rarely offered for sale. The buyer becomes the registered breeder and they can apply own prefix to the foal if they so wish and they are eligible for the horse to compete in the Irish Breeders’ Classic, Dublin classes and ISH Studbook classes which is massive. If people buy in other auctions, they may not have that option.

“The Flanders Auction people are wonderful to deal with I find, they are are all horse people, they understand the sport, they are not just involved in commerce.

“They understand what’s required in the sport and the foals born next year will be aimed at the sport in 8-10 years and have very modern pedigrees behind them in order to move with the times.

“The Flanders’ collection is at the cutting edge of modern breeding, we are not relying on the results of years ago, these Lots have top pedigrees with related horses winning classes every day at the very top of the dam lines.

“The stock produced from Flanders Embryo Auction in Dublin next week should be ahead of trends,” concluded Ronan Rothwell.

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