RISING costs and falling numbers.

That’s the scenario emerging across the Irish equestrian sector where the collective pinch on everyone and everything is now really making itself felt.

Fuel, food, and energy bills are all soaring across every sector. The money in our pockets is not going as far as previously on so many fronts. The squeeze is well and truly on us all.

The cost of filling a horse lorry with diesel is quite astronomical now and undoubtedly forcing people to be much more discerning about their entry plans.

Falling entry numbers were already hitting the eventing circuit over the past number of weeks but there was a noticeable lack of entries at some established shows last weekend. Some of the front pages of the British papers carried the story of the whopping price of filling the average family car now hitting £100. We could see fuel vouchers being offered as part prizes yet at this rate!

Now the problems have been compounded for some northern organisers who are having difficulty getting accredited judges, leading to the cancellation of some events (see news briefs on 87).

Our Government is under mounting pressure to try to take some of the heat out of the economy – hopefully they can bring in some measures to help, although they will naturally be shoring up what they can for October’s Budget.

Remembering Tiggy Hancock

June 16th this week marked the first anniversary of the late Tiggy Hancock (15). To her parents, Jane and Frank, her sisters Eliza and Lucy, extended family and many friends, we send our love and support on behalf of the Irish equestrian sector. Tiggy’s bright star continues to shine in our collective hearts and minds.