AT The Country Store in Richardstown, Co Louth, we stock a comprehensive range of pet supplies for any dog owner. Our stock includes specialised feed for small to large dogs across an entire range of ages and lifestyles. We can provide what you need for active dogs, show dogs and regular family pets from leading brands such as Red Mills, Gain, Leader and more. Unique diets are also accounted for, with our supply of feed that assists with puppies, pregnant dogs, greyhounds and dogs who might simply be fussy about what they eat.

Our care doesn’t stop at the dietary stage either. Common problems like worms, ticks, lice and general skin conditions can be dealt with using our medicine range. Beyond that, we also offer a diverse range of collars, leads and harnesses for dogs of varying sizes and needs, including high-visibility safety vests and USB flash collars for dark environments, adjustable gear and tire out leads for the more energetic dogs out there and collar-based pet fences for cases where security needs to be guaranteed.

Finally, we supply enough bedding and accessories to keep any dog well rested and entertained, regardless of whether or not they spend their time indoors or out.